Writing for business is not all about the jargon

We’re good at understanding and explaining complex businesses and their challenges. From annual, sustainability and integrated report writing, to business plans, corporate profiles and PPT presentations, our corporate copy is clear, transparent and informative.

Below are just a few of the things we happen to be really good at:

Business Plans

Our professionally crafted business plans will make a lasting impression on your investors and stakeholders.

Business Proposals

We take our research process very seriously, aiming to communicate your understanding on the project clearly and exhaustively.

Corporate Profiles

We know how to get the reader’s attention, thus facilitating a new, lasting business relationship with your corporation.

We focus on outlining you business strategy and on leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

Executive Summaries

We deliver the right message, in easy to understand terms, drilling-down on the most relevant details.

We aim to make the decision process as straightforward and streamlined as possible, by outlining the right aspects in the right tone.

Business Presentations

Our presentations are on-point, exact and beautiful to look at.

Can we help you?

Drop us a line at info@vervicreative.com, or contact us using the form below. We would love to hear about your next corporate project.

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